Useful accessories for your wood-fired hot tub experience

Please note, the prices quoted apply when purchased with a hot tub.  Please contact us for 'accessory only' prices as a delivery charge will apply.

Head Rest

£45 - Product Code: NT-KR

Available in black or brown, these head rests are evenly lined to give your neck even support for maximum comfort and are suitable for use with all Hot Tub models. Dimensions: 22 x 10 x 24. Weight: 0.3kg

Stirring Paddle

£29 - Product Code AT-MELA

For all hot tub models. The paddle is used for mixing the water at the heating stage to even out the temperature before measuring. Material: plastic paddle head and arm end and aluminium arm. Length: 140cm.

Firewood Carrier

£35 - Product Code: 6430036751302

Because wood-fired hot tubs can be easily installed almost anywhere or moved to new locations with a flat surface, this handy firewood carrier is the ideal way to ensure you have a ready supply of firewood for your wood-burning heater unit. The carrier is made from plywood.

Floating Thermometer

£12 - Product Code TM-KKALA

This floating thermometer with string allows you to monitor the temperature of your wood-fired hot tub when filling and even when you’re in the tub. When filling your hot tub, you should stir the water to ensure the water’s even temperature (see Stirring Paddle above). Goldfish model featured. Standard and Duck version also available. 

Viking Hat

£29 : Product Code: TMKA-S

Finnish-made Viking hat. Keeps your head warm during bathing in cold climates and also brings good vibes.

Outlet Discharge Hose 38mm

£49 - Product Code: VL038

This hose has an inner tube measurement of 38mm to fit the discharge valve of Kirami wood-fired hot tubs, making it easier to empty the water and lead it away from the side of the tub. 10mtr length.