The Kirami Cozy Comfort Hot Tub comes with a host of options

Hot Tub & Accessory package from £3,595

Red Cedar / Beige
Larch / Grey
Thermowood / Grey

The Kirami Cozy Comfort medium hot tub is the most popular in the Kirami range.  Suited to 4 adult or 6 children, it comes with two heater options - the Macu and slightly more powerful Cube (Cube comes with faster heat-up times, controllable vent, ash shovel - add £200 for this heater option). 

Available in a wide range of outer panel materials and inner tub colours. The materials range from different natural wood finishes:

  • Stained spruce (ST)        £3,295    *Package £3,595
  • Thermowood (TW)          £3,295    *Package £3,595
  • Larch (LA)                       £3,295       *Package £3,595
  • Red Cedar (RC)              £3,495    *Package £3,795

  low maintenance 

 EcoPlank (EP)  Black or Moca £3,295       *Package £3,595

The hot tub rim collar is air-filled rubber, making it comfortable to rest your neck against. You can choose from Blue, Grey or Beige internal liner colours.

Package price* includes: ABS hot tub cover, Standard Step, Paddle & Thermometer

If you have any questions or need more information, just call us on 01556 568101 and we’ll help explain all the various options for our wood-fired hot tubs, water heaters and accessories. If you prefer, you can email us.

Watch the Cozy video

Choice of external panels for your Cosy Hot Tub

Choice of three liner colours


Heater options with the Cozy Comfort

Cube  + £200 option

The Cube heater is manufactured from marine aluminium (with steel doors, grate and back) which also allows it to be used with sea water. To improve the water heating performance, the water circulates through the pipes on the top of the stove. 

The benefits over the standard Macu heater are:

  • Quicker heat up times
  • Improved burn control with 'damping grill'
  • Easier ash clearance with custom ash shovel

Technical Data

  • Power 35kw
  • Heat conducting area 1.5 m2
  • Heating unit measures 570mm x 600mm
  • Includes grates, fastening parts, rubber hoses and clamps


The Macu is manufactured from marine grade aluminium with a cast iron grate and steel door with fixed air intakes.

Technical data

  • Power 29kW
  • Heat conducting area 1.3 m2
  • Chimney connection 105mm
  • Dimensions: 570mm X 600mm