With its plastic inner tub, the Breezy Hot Tub is easy to maintain!

From £2,995 inc VAT & delivery 

The Kirami Breezy Hot Tub with its plastic inner tub is very easy to maintain and is suitable for up to 6 people to enjoy the unique experience of outdoor bathing.

Manufactured in Finland by Kirami, this model comes with the popular Cult heater and is finished in either Stained Spruce or natural Larch.  

Easy Tub M Stained Spruce Brown   £2,995

Easy Tub M Stained Spruce Black    £2,995

Easy Tub M Natural Larch                £2,995

The inner tub is available in grey or turquoise and the chimney is 1.5m high with a heat shield and chimney hat. You can upgrade tot he MACU heater for +£200.

If you have any questions or need more information, just call us on 01556 568101 and we’ll help explain all the various options for tubs, water heaters and accessories. If you prefer, you can email us.


Colour options available with this model:

Kirami Easy Hot Tub with ABS lid and optional step & drinks holder

Breezy Tub coal black external panels

Breezy Tub Thermowood external panels

About the Cult heater:

The Cult heater is manufactured from marine aluminium while the grates and door back are made from steel.

Technical data

  • Power 22kW
  • Chimney connection 120mm
  • Outside measurements 350 x 620 x 740mm

Optional upgrade MACU heater

The Macu is manufactured from marine grade aluminium with a cast iron grate and steel door with fixed air intakes.

Technical data

  • Power 29kW
  • Heat conducting area 1.3 m2
  • Chimney connection 105mm
  • Dimensions: 570mm X 600mm