The Woody XL - suitable for 8-12 people

From £3,495 - £3,995 inc VAT & delivery

The Kirami Woody XL hot tub is suitable for up to 12 people to enjoy the unique experience of outdoor bathing. 

There is nothing quite like it, relaxing in a steaming wood-fired hot tub outdoors with the crackle of a log fire and sharing this great experience with family and friends.

The Woody is the original hot tub in the range of Kirami hot tubs manufactured in Finland.

All the materials, including the thermo-treated pine, have been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality product. Each detail has been beautifully crafted to enhance the back-to-nature appearance of this product.

There are two heater model options available with the Woody XL - the basic Sub heater and the powerful Tube heater, recommended for use in more remote areas of your garden or land. These heater options come with a 2m high chimney, heat shield and hat. 

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Heater options with the Woody XL

XL Woody & Sub heater £3,395

The Sub heater is manufactured from marine aluminium which also allows it to be used with sea water. The heater is placed inside the hot tub and the air intake can be adjusted with the cover. With 27kw of power, the rise in water temperature is 23 degrees per cubic metre of water per hour.

Technical data

  • Power 27 kW
  • Heat conducting area 2 m2
  • Chimney connection 150mm
  • Minimum water quantity 35cm

XL Woody with Tube heater  £ 3,995

The cylindrical Tube heater matches the tub shape, but is also a powerful heating option. For the Woody hot tub, the Tube comes with a thick 40mm wall.

Technical data

  • Power 42kW
  • Heating unit measures 640mm x 700mm
  • Minimum water quantity is 5cm above the higher connector pipe
  • Chimney connection 150cm

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