Dutchtub Installation and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What features does the Dutchtub Original offer me? 

The Dutchtub Original is a spacious wood-fired hot tub for four people, suitable for bathing outdoors. Its light and simple design makes the Dutchtub Original ideal for your yard, terrace, vacation destination or other outdoor surrounding. The fire in the fire basket heats the spiral and the water in the spiral. The warm water rises and flows into the tub. This makes the cold water on the tub’s floor flow into the spiral, causing a natural circulation. The fire thus heats the water in the Dutchtub Original and keeps it warm for as long as you like. o How do I control the water’s temperature? What happens in the spiral, also happens in the tub; warm water rises. To heat the tub efficiently, the water needs to be stirred every now and then. If the water becomes too hot, you can lower the fire or twist the spiral in the fire basket upward to adjust the temperature by heating fewer turns of the spiral. The higher the fire basket, the lower the circulation. That way the atmospheric fire can continue to burn. 

What safety hazards does the Dutchtub Original pose? 

The Dutchtub Original poses the same safety hazards as a swimming pool (risk of drowning) and a fire basket (fire hazard). Never let small children bathe without parental supervision in the Dutchtub Original and never leave the open fire unattended. Take the open fire into account when placing the Dutchtub Original. 

Are there hazards for small children or other target groups? 

The spiral is heated by the fire. Keep children from coming too close to the fire or the spiral to prevent them from burning themselves. Never let small children bathe in the tub without parental supervision. 

What does it take to heat the Dutchtub Original? 

To heat the Dutchtub Original to a pleasant temperature of 38°C, you will need about a bag and a half of firewood. Heating takes approximately 2 hours, depending on the weather conditions. Maintaining the Dutchtub Original’s temperature during use takes about one bag of firewood. 

What do I need to pay attention to when maintaining the Dutchtub Original? 

The tub can be cleaned with a cloth and a mild cleaning product like Ecover. Under no circumstances use a scouring pad or aggressive cleaning products. The tub can withstand salts dissolved in water, soap, hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of chloride. The use of chlorine is not our preferred way of enjoying the Dutchtub. Water without chemicals can be reused to water the plants. The gel coating on the surface can be repaired with specific polishing products. Scratches can often be fixed with the right products and experience. Larger holes or damaging can be repaired by a professional. Contact us for recommendations. 

How important is maintenance to the Dutchtub Original? 

The better the Dutchtub Original is kept clean, the longer you will be able to enjoy it. That’s why we advise to empty the Dutchtub Original after every use and to flush the spiral with clean water. 

Which weather conditions will the Dutchtub Original withstand? The Dutchtub Original’s strong material makes it able to withstand normal weather conditions (sun, rain, snow and hail). We advise against leaving water in the Dutchtub Original during the winter. When water freezes it expands and this may damage the spiral. 

How can I protect the Dutchtub Original from various weather conditions? 

You can protect the Dutchtub Original’s inside from precipitation by using the corresponding cover. The light weight of merely 9kg makes the cover easy to pull over and remove.


Installing your hot tub is really simple, but it is a 2 person task. With a little help from family and friends, you can be filling, then lighting your tub for your first dip within an hour.

Choosing a site for your hot tub

Dutchtubs are light and can be moved by a couple or persons.

Your site always needs a firm level base large enough for the tub, and not be flammable such as dried grassland.

You need to get water to your tub to fill it up and also have somewhere to drain the tub to when emptying it.

If you have a prevailing wind, consider where the smoke will blow and if you want to be close to your log store.

All our tubs and accessories are despatched in excellent packaging and come complete with comprehensive instructions.