Kirami Hot Tub Installation and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to fill up the tubs with water?

A medium Cozy one of the most popular 4-6 person tubs takes around 1450 ltrs which costs less than £4 to fill.

Without a pump how does the water heat up?

Just via convection. The hotter water rises through the top pipe into the tub and is replaced by cooler water via the lower heat pipe.  To assist this process you just stir the water occasionally.

How long does the water take to heat up?

In the summer approx 1.5 hours. When the water is colder from the mains in winter up to 2.5 hours.

How do you control the water temperature?

You dampen the fire down to just maintain the temperature.

Does the water stay warm in the tub?

Yes once you've heated the water it stays warm, so much so that you only need to top up the heat on the second and third days.

How long do you keep the water in?

We suggest replacing the water after 2-3 days.

How do you drain the tub after use?

You can link the tubs drain to a drainage system or to a storage solution to water the veg patch or garden. Alternatively you can let it run to a garden verge.

What maintenance is required?

Kirami started making traditional all wood hot tubs, but soon realised the ease and convenience of plastic lined hot tubs.

Just clean the inside as you would a bath, periodically using a kinder oxygen cleaner for the inside of the water heater. Tubs with natural wood panels may need annual oiling to maintain their appearance.  The Ecoplank panels are maintenance free.


Installing your hot tub is really simple. With a little help from family and friends, you can be filling, then lighting your tub for your first dip within an hour. 95% of Kirami tubs are installed by customers - it really is that easy.

However, if you prefer, we also offer an installation service. This is priced based on the size of tub you order and the distance our installation team need to travel. Please phone for a price guide.

Choosing a site for your hot tub

Think about moving your tub from where the delivery vehicle will offload your tub, to the final chosen location?

Your site needs a firm level base large enough for the tub, heater and steps.

You need to get water to your tub to fill it up and also have somewhere to drain the tub to when emptying it.

If you have a prevailing wind, consider where the chimney smoke will blow and if you want to be close to your log store.

All our tubs and accessories are despatched in excellent packaging and come complete with comprehensive instructions. But to see just how easy it is to set up a tub, please watch the installation video


The beauty of having a tub without filters, pumps and lots of chemicals is that maintenance is minimal. We recommend cleaning your tub before each use and flushing the heater with water, periodically using an oxygen-based treatment to further cleanse your tub and heater.

Externally, EcoPlank finishes need no maintenance. Tubs finished in Stained Spruce, Thermowood and Red Cedar will need periodic oiling or weather-proofing. The frequency will depend on the exposure to the elements.

Installation Video
Site on a level base
Firm well support base of chippings, decking or flag stones