How to order your authentic Nordic hot tub from Wood Fire Water

We supply wood fired hot tubs in such a wide variety of sizes, designs and finishes. To help you select the right tub, give us a call on 01556 568101. We can discuss your options and help you choose the hot tub and accessories to best match your needs.

Once you’ve decided on your tub and accessories, we’ll confirm the total price.

You can pay by card, bank transfer or cheque (there will be a slight delay whilst cheques clear).

All tubs are custom manufactured to order, so from us placing your order with the factory in Finland, your tub will be delivered within 2-3 weeks, thus giving you plenty of time to plan and prepare the location where you will site your tub.

If you have chosen direct delivery which, due to the ease of installation, 95% of customers do, we will liaise with you regarding the delivery date.  

Your tub will be delivered on a rigid HGV lorry and off-loaded via tail-lift. 

The delivery service is described as ‘kerbside’, meaning the driver will off-load it, but you need to be available, with maybe a couple of helpers, to move the tub onto your property and site it at the final chosen location.

Any questions or need more information? Just call us on 01556 568101 or email us and we’ll explain the various options for tubs, water heaters and accessories.

Installation is really simple - see for yourself   >>