There are many great reasons to choose a wood fired hot tub

Wood fired Hot Tubs are the more natural way to enjoy outdoor bathing and open-air hot tubbing.

The whole experience of a wood fired hot tub, from the crackling fire, waft of wood smoke and company of family and friends, makes for unforgettable times. Once you've tried it, you'll soon see why it's both totally relaxing and extremely sociable.

These tubs use only tap water, with no need for expensive and harsh chemicals.  Its not excessively expensive even if you are on a water meter it only costs £2.50 - 3.00 to fill*. The burner heats the water to the desired temperature using carbon-neutral wood.

Without the need to be tethered to an outdoor electrical supply, you can be a bit more adventurous in choosing a location for your hot tub, so let your imagination run wild. You just need to get water to the tub, usually by a garden hose, and have somewhere for the water to drain to. So if you have a corner of the garden that is ideal, as long as you can make a firm level base, you’ll likely be able to site your tub there.

Our tubs are also easier to maintain. It is recommended that you change the water after one or two bathing sessions and just wash them out like a bath. Using a gentler oxygen-based treatment, you only need to periodically flush the tub and water heater out.

All our hot tubs are easy to install! Read more.

Our range of hot tubs can be specified with traditional wood finishes, or with liners and cladding made from modern low maintenance materials.

* Based on a medium tub example 2019 United Utilities domestic price £1.92 per cubic metre.

About our wood fired hot tub suppliers, Kirami of Finland

Our supplier, Kirami, are based in Finland and have been crafting tubs since 2001. They are triple A credit-rated and are one of Europe’s largest suppliers of wood fired hot tubs.  

Kirami started producing tubs made solely from wood, but soon realised that, by combining the beauty of natural wood with more modern materials, they could make hot tubbing even more accessible and convenient for customers.

Kirami provide excellent support, from comprehensive manuals and backup to spares and accessories. They are so confident in their products that they offer a 24-month warranty*.

 * For tubs used in a non-commercial capacity

Benefits at a glance

Wood fired hot tubs:

  • Simple to site and use
  • Lower purchase cost: £3,000 - £5,000
  • Use fresh tap water
  • Quiet, just the crackle of a wood fire
  • Environmentally sensitive, carbon neutral 
  • Premium natural look and designs
  • Low maintenance, long lasting

Fizzy spa tubs:

  • Outdoor electrical supply required
  • More expensive to buy £5,000 - £15,000
  • Need chemicals to keep water safe
  • Noisy pumps and motors
  • Need electricity to heat
  • Manufactured artificial look
  • Servicing and filter replacements required